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6 Amazing Weekend Projects to Turn Your Home Around

6 Amazing Weekend Projects to Turn Your Home Around

We all have busy lifestyles and can’t afford to spend money like there’s no tomorrow. But, who said you need a truckload of cash and free up a ton of time in your schedule? Your home can undergo a stunning transformation over a weekend and all you have to do is and roll up your sleeves and be creative.

It’s time to foster a buzz of DIY energy and turn your living space into a dream environment that speaks volumes about you, your passions, and interests.

A grand entrance 

Enhancing the curb appeal is a great way to make a striking first impression and spark attention around the neighborhood. One of the most affordable projects is to apply a fresh coat of low or no-VOC paint to your front door. Don’t shy away from bolder colors that add more oomph to your house.

Moreover, in case your door features worn out hardware, you can replace it with something brand new. And to deliver a nice finishing touch put a new doormat and flank your door with potted plants. This is a great demonstration that you don’t have to break the bank with renovations.

Retile the bathroom

If you have already learned the DIY ropes and start planning ahead of time, you can complete the retiling of the bathroom in one weekend. Those who want to play it classic should go for a good old black-and-white combo.

This contrast livens up any space and works with most décor and paint choices. Then again, you can opt for something more playful and use peculiar patterns and brighter tones. This is a great way to spruce up not only bathrooms, but kitchens as well.

Water features

When the summer sun rises and the temperatures peak, having any type of water feature near you can help. Not only will they cool down the temperature in your backyard, but they can also look beautiful. If your garden is small, opt for a smaller pond or a water garden, a fountain or a waterfall. Each of these comes in different styles and can be made of all sorts of natural materials, plus you can choose the size that fits your garden perfectly. Another option is to build a swimming pool or even get a relaxing outdoor spa pool so that you can have your own hydrotherapy whenever you feel like it, and with water temperature to your own liking. They even come with soothing jets placed in just the perfect position to give your muscles and joints the relief they need.

Create a stencil accent wall

Strategic décor decisions cost only a fraction of what you pay for major remodeling, yet they can make a real difference. So, let’s breathe new life in those blank walls. Wall art is always fine, but how about something different, a stencil focal

You can choose from many interesting patterns to pull off a wow effect and it doesn’t take much time to master the technique of applying paint stencils. This project is ideal for a children’s room or a playroom, but it can work well in other areas such as bathrooms, if you want to be a bit whimsical that is.

Clear the air

Indoor air pollution is a serious problem that plagues many homes. The good news is that you can improve the indoor air quality and circulation inside your home for the benefit of all inhabitants. Steer away from synthetic air fresheners and try homemade counterparts, summer pots, and all-natural soy candles.

Furthermore, check out your air conditioning system and clean or replace the filters. Yes, you are going DIY, but you should not hesitate to seek help if you are not confident in your skills. The ultimate reward comes in the form of preserving your good health.

Repurpose a vintage piece

Think twice before investing in new furniture. Namely, if you have an old wooden piece collecting dust, you should give it a new role in your household. Depending on what you have, you might be able to get a unique new nightstand or side table close to free.

Just paint it with a fresh coat and use two different tones for an extra dash of style. Note that you can also utilize chalk pain, many DIY adventurers’ darling: It gives wooden surfaces a nice facelift and its finish is quite forgiving to novices.

Your way, the only way

Unleash your creativity this weekend and embark on exciting and simple DIY projects. They will allow you to conserve spending but also turn your space completely around. So, dip your toes in the ocean of inspiration that is the internet.

Add flair to your living environment and infuse it with your personality. Come Monday, you will enjoy your space much more and show off the fruits of your labor proudly.  All chances are that once you get the ball rolling, you will not stop at just one DIY project.

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