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6 Tricks One Must Consider For Enhanced Body Flexibility

6 Tricks One Must Consider For Enhanced Body Flexibility

Attaining body flexibility might not seem like the essential part of your fitness journey. But in reality, increasing your mobility and flexibility helps your body improve in just about every aspect. Active stretching exercises, or even incorporating yoga into your workout routines, will be beneficial to increasing muscle strength, posture, and also decrease pain in your joints.

Working on increasing your flexibility helps improve blood circulation within the body, and allows for you to become more agile. Body flexibility is directly related to the relief of muscle and joint pain. Often, people will live with chronic back or hip pain and opt to use pain-relieving medications to soothe their bodies. However, using stretching exercises, pilates, or even yoga are known to help people with chronic pain issues. Often specific pains in our bodies are heightened because the muscles around them have become weakened due to lack of proper posture habits or various other reasons. 

Below are six tricks one must consider for enhanced body mobility and flexibility that could likely help you in reaching your fitness and health goals. Achieving this goal requires a consistent work out routine, healthy eating habits, and also a proper stretching technique that helps your body unlock specific pain points. 

  1. Yoga

Mobility and flexibility are critical factors in increasing the productivity of your workouts. You will soon find that your body can hold specific postures better due to the implementation of proper stretching poses. Start with working on your spine. Doing a yoga pose like “cat/cow” gives your spine the ability to adjust itself properly by practising flexion and extension. A stronger spine aids in just about every part of your body.

  1. Fueling your body with supplements

Using supplements to help your body recognize that burning fat equals more energy is extremely helpful in reaching your fitness goals. Working out and staying consistent is difficult, there is no way around that, but there are ways to help your body along through your fitness journey. L-carnitine supplements are one way to have your body recognize that your body fat can be used to increase energy levels. 

  1. Touch your toes! 

Do this daily to increase leg, hip, and spine mobility. If your current range of motion is limited, keep practising on a regular basis in order to strengthen these important parts of your body. Remember, you need to use your legs to lift, your hips to bend and run, and your spine to do just about every single thing in the gym. Staying healthy does not just mean lifting weights and eating right; it also means that stretching your muscles, joints, and problem areas in your body will do wonders for you as the years go by. 

  1. Stretching at work

With so many people working at a desk for eight to ten hours per day, the flexibility and mobility you lose from sitting in an office chair are shocking. Try squatting as low as you can, not as a workout exercise, but as a stretching exercise. If you are not able to almost or successfully touch your butt to your calves, you have been doing a lot of sitting in your chair! Use this stretch to unlock your hips, and if you are only able to get to a 90-degree angle, then you will want to work on this every day to help your body become healthier with each passing day. 

  1. Using props in exercise

Extend your shoulders daily, primarily if you work at a computer all day. Your posture gets worse as you get older, which is why these mobility exercises are so crucial to your health. Use a long stick and grab it from behind using your hands. Allow the stick to help your shoulders extend for several minutes while sitting on your knees. Keeping your spine straight will help unlock deep tension within your shoulders.

  1. Unlock the neck pain

Lastly, increase flexibility in your neck to avoid neck problems. At this point, too many of us are used to chronic neck pain due to starting down and phone screens, laptops, or tablets throughout the day. A stiff neck is not a healthy way to live your life. Luckily, these tricks will help you correct this issue in no time. 

Begin by rolling your shoulders backwards and down for one minute a day. From this point, move your shoulder blades down and turn them towards each other for ten seconds at a time. Then push your head back to a align correctly with your spine for another thirty seconds. Finally, bring your ear to your shoulder while simultaneously promoting your opposite shoulder downwards. These movements should successfully help unlock the neck pain you have built up from staring down at your devices or sleeping on your stomach with a pillow that is probably too high. 

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