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Choosing the Right Colour of Paint for your Home

Choosing the Right Colour of Paint for your Home

Painting is a brilliant way for you to bring an old room back to life. You can also make your home much more sellable by doing so as well, and this is especially the case if you are planning to put it on the market.

Choosing Paint

Paint is available in a huge range of sheens and you can usually choose from either oil-based paint or latex-based paint. Latex is quite possibly the most common type of paint and this is because it is very easy to clean up and it is very durable as well. You will also find that it is resistant to fading and it breaths much better when compared to oil paint. This basically means that it doesn’t blister when it is put on the walls. If you want to find a paint that is ideal for most rooms around your home then a water-based paint is certainly the way to go. You can easily buy this from your local DIY store. If you want paint that is suitable for priming any wood or even trims then oil may be the way to go. This is because oil paint has the ability to seal any knots from the wood and it does this far better when compared to a latex based paint. When painting with an oil-based paint it’s important that you take into account the longer drying times.

What About Paint Sheen?

The basic rule of thumb here is that paint that has a gloss to it, is much easier to clean when compared to other types of paint. If you have kids that are running around the house or if you need paint for a high traffic area then gloss is the way to go. Gloss is ideal for your kid’s playroom and it is also great for behind the bin in the kitchen and this is because it is very easy to wipe down when compared. You can wipe down gloss painted walls with a damp sponge and if you want, you can even use a high gloss paint for the trim so the whole thing looks great.  It helps to choose a reputable brand of paint as well, because if you don’t then you will need to take into account the paint offgassing time so that you are not posing any danger to your family.

Choosing the Right Paint Colour

If you are trying to sell your home then an off-white is certainly something that you should consider. When you choose an off-white, such as cream you will find that this gives the room a much brighter and cleaner appearance. Paint stores tend to have a huge range of brochures available and this is a brilliant way for you to compare the paint that you have now with the paint that you plan to get. Warm colours will make the room feel more homely while cool colours will help the room to feel much bigger. If you want to set a romantic mood then try and opt for light colours and this includes pastels. This could be lavender, soft yellows and even pinks. This gives off a calm ambience in the bedroom. You can also choose these colours for your bedding as well.

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