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Coping With Ill Health For The Long Term

Coping With Ill Health For The Long Term

Bad news from the doctor is never welcome news. But sometimes a diagnosis and clear prognosis can help you accept what is happening. It can spur you on to find ways to make life better while you’re trying to make your health better. And it can give you a clear picture of what is to come. If your ill health has become a long-term problem, why not try some of these coping strategies to help you feel better now and for the future?

Giving It All Up

If you’re determined to give your body the very best chance it has to become well again, you might be ready to give up all those bad habits. Sitting on the sofa watching TV might be OK when you’re feeling really run down. But for the long term, it might be doing you more harm than good. The body needs to move, and your brain needs a boost of oxygen from fresh air. Quit smoking, drinking, and spending too much time in front of the TV. All of these sacrifices now will help you feel more energetic later on.

You might not feel like it, but getting up and getting out helps you feel better.

All The Good Things They Advise

Of course, whether you’re unwell or not, all doctors will advise getting more exercise and eating fresh instead of processed foods. They might have a point. Organic, fresh foods are far less likely to contain harmful poisons, toxins, or chemicals that might be linked to some cancers. Excess refined sugar, fats, and artificial sweeteners can all be considered harmful too. Mild to moderate exercise every day keeps the body moving and the spirits high.

Finding Out More

It’s important to find out as much as you can about your illness. After all, there are new discoveries, treatments, and innovations in the medical profession every day. You can learn more at and other medical websites that publish papers from research. When it comes to the big C, there are plenty of different approaches to treat and relieve symptoms. Perhaps there are some you might be able to try?

Money Matters

Your financial situation might start to change for the worse as your medical bills mount up and your days off work increase. It’s really important to carefully budget for your minimum income right now to avoid debt. Spend some time scrutinizing your finances to find a figure that is realistic. Aim to find a side-hustle or two that can help bring in a little bit of cash every now and again. You might need to make some big changes, like moving to cheaper accommodation or selling some jewelry. It might be tough at first, but could be the best solution to money problems right now.


Your network of support is really important. Your friends and family probably want to help you a lot but are afraid of appearing too pushy. Don’t be afraid to ask for help as often as you need it. Sometimes it’s nice just to invite someone over for a cup of tea. Ill health can leave you isolated and lonely. Use your network to keep yourself in the social circle. After all, these people were here before you were ill, and will still be here when you are well again. Take care.

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