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Top 5 Cleanest Destinations Across the World you will Enjoy

Top 5 Cleanest Destinations Across the World you will Enjoy

No doubt there is plenty of amazing destinations around the world and fascinating cities to enjoy – our planet is rich with beauty, difference, and excitement.

However, some cities are truly unique. Not only do they offer adrenaline, cultural heritage and are the home of great people but they are also one of the cleanest in the world. Once you find out more about them, you’ll definitely want to put them on your wish list.

Reykjavík, Iceland

This lovely capital offers adrenalin activities such as aquatic sports but this is not the reason why it’s on this list.

Its open waters are so clean that tourists can even drink it without fear of bacteria and digestion problems. Reykjavik is not very big but it’s the people who make it warm, welcoming and clean.

The country boasts of pioneering thermal energy development, which is an eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels. This modern approach makes the city and the whole area a truly environmentally friendly destination.

Unlike most of the cities, Reykjavik has great air quality. It’s a direct result of strict policies on smoking, especially in indoor public places. Since 2007, it’s officially forbidden to smoke in bars and restaurants but the majority of people also don’t smoke in open public areas either. The result is clean air and cigarette butts-free streets.

Iceland is ranked fourth in air quality listing, while it occupies third place in Climate in Energy. Maybe there aren’t too many forests in this island country but the city will charm you with its cleanliness.

Calgary, Canada

Calgary has recently been put on the list of the most beautiful cities in the world, and for a good reason.

There are two big rivers running through the city, ensuring comfortable humidity in the air. The air quality and traffic control in it are what makes it one of the cleanest cities on the planet, too. More precisely, it has been put on this list consecutively in the last 5 years. The city’s system works almost perfectly, making itself a model for other cities and countries to follow.

This Canadian city does a lot when it comes to ensuring the level of cleanliness remains unchanged. The community provides education to people on green lifestyles and removing waste from the streets. It’s not an unearthly sight to spot citizens getting rid of the waste from their streets in a responsible way.

Calgary has a goal to aspire to – it plans on reducing 80% of waste in their landfills by 2020. The time is almost up so go there and see for yourself that this city will probably achieve that goal.

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Many Tasmanian holiday packages include a visit to this unique city. It’s a lovely city on the harbor where you can admire sandstone buildings, pristine water and experience history through Battery Point and Salamanca Place. 

The whole Tasmania is known for its clean air, which has been long proven by the Cape Grim Baseline Air Pollution Station. It’s a small Australian government facility in the northern part of Tasmania that measures the clean air in the area and the region. This monitoring station has a 43-year-old data that says this part of Australia has the cleanest mix of air in the world. How cleaner can it get?

Not only has the station been monitoring air quality day after day for almost 50 years but it also warns the scientists and the locals if there are any changes in the quality.

In other words, Hobart and other Tasmanian cities and towns can sleep tight. With the level of eco-awareness this city has and the station taking care of the air quality, you may breathe in the cleanest air on the planet.

Kigali, Rwanda

The Rwandan government has made a lot of effort to tidy up the country in many ways, the ecology aspect included.

The capital Kigali is special in this way because it prides itself on the “Umuganda” initiative. It is a national community cleanup day which is held every month on the last Saturday. On that day, no matter how dirty the streets and the roads are, it’s amazing at what speed they will get cleaned. All citizens are required to participate in the initiative that day, otherwise, they will be fined. It’s amazing to experience something like this – every man and women gets out in the street and do their part in making their city cleaner.

Moreover, Rwanda has a strict policy when it comes to plastic bags. They are forbidden in the whole country but the law doesn’t end there. Tourists and citizens are checked on the customs before they enter the country. In case they have a plastic bag in their suitcase, they are not allowed to enter Uganda.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai may be one of the most luxurious cities in the world with its tall skyscrapers spread across the city in every direction and incredibly lavish malls. However, it doesn’t mean it’s polluted and dirty, on the contrary. Its goal is to contribute to a cleaner planet and its plan on how to do it is pretty incredible.

The city is currently working on a $354 million housing project called Sustainable city. This part of the city will include driverless cars and homes that are powered by solar energy.

Moreover, the Za’abeel area in Dubai is wonderfully green, full of lush trees and green areas. The United Arab Emirates has quickly become one of the most improved countries in the world and parts of the country like that one in Dubai is why the country is successful in the ecology aspect, too. Environmental causes are of great importance to the city and the country, which is visible in Dubai every step of the way.

Final words

It is a true blessing being able to visit a city that is not only exciting and fun to be in but which is also environmentally friendly and a healthy place to be in. These 5 cities are already doing what every city and town should aspire to – a clean place for its citizens to enjoy and raise families.

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