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10 Misguided Myths about Tarot Readings

10 Misguided Myths about Tarot Readings

The art of tarot reading is ancient and it carries a number of myths with it. If you have been told that you should not have a reading when you are pregnant, you need to know that it is far from truth. There are numerous myths that surround the art and these myths need to be debunked.

If you ask your tarot reader about these myths, you could give them a cause for a good laugh. Tarot readers can always feel these myths that their clients come with. The more you understand tarot cards and the art behind it, the more you will be able to find meaning in the same. The ageless psychic tool can be fascinating for many. However, you need to approach it with an open mind. When you understand the clear meaning of every card, you will be able to accept the reading positively. For example, a death card does not mean that you will be nearing your end soon. It is the most misunderstood card. Only when you clearly understand what the card means, you will be able to make the most of the reading.

There are 78 cards in a deck and each card has an image on one side and a pattern on the other. It is important to understand the significance of every card with regard to your life and your questions.

Debunking tarot card myths

  1. Do not purchase your tarot cards

This is the biggest myth related to the art of tarot reading. It is important to choose your cards because your intuition will draw you to the ones that are most suited. There are a number of places you can buy these card from, these include book stores, online stores and even gift shops. Search for the card and pick the ones that are meant for you.

  1. Do not let others touch your cards

Tarot readers treat their cards like they are very precious. Indeed, they are but that does not mean you cannot allow anyone else to touch or use them. Rather, when people touch your cards or use it, they become familiar with the cards and feel comfortable about the reading.

  1. Only psychics can read tarots

It helps if a tarot reader is a psychic but it is not important that only a psychic can read the cards. A lot of people require formal training and engage in regular practice to build their intuition. However, a lot of people pick up the art with ease. If you have the right resources, you can teach yourself to read the cards. Anyone can learn the art of tarot reading and it is not restricted to psychics.

  1. Tarot cards are evil

A lot of people believe that tarot cards are evil and the death card is a bad omen. But it is not true. You need to forget all the rubbish that you have heard about the cards. A card is simply a card and a skilled reader uses them to guide you in your life. The cards are not evil and they do not give a sure shot solution to all your problems. It is impossible to use the cards for evil purposes unless the reader deliberately misguides the receiver of the reading.

5. Tarot cards are always right

A reading by a professional can reveal the possibilities of your future but the reality will also depend on you. The choices you make will determine the events in your life. You cannot assume that tarot cards are always right because they might not be. If you want to know more about tarot readings, will guide you with the same. Approach a reading with an open mind and accept your cards positively.

  1. A reading cannot be done over a phone

This is another myth that a lot of clients have. Readings can be done over the phones and psychics do them all the time. For a skilled psychic, no medium will come between their skills and the recipient. The client can ask a question and the reader shuffles the cards and interprets the one that is picked up.

  1. You cannot do a tarot reading yourself

It might be slightly challenging for you to remain detached from your responses but it is possible to read your own tarot. You can write it down or compare the cards to a response in a trusted Tarot Book to ensure that you have an impartial response to your own reading.

  1. If you have a death card, you will die

You might be surprised to know that a death card actually represents change. It could be for the betterment of your life. It could mean the end of a job and the beginning of another or it could be the end of a relationship and the beginning of another one. The death card is a positive card and means that there is an opportunity to change your path and move towards the next stage in your life.

  1. Never trust tarot readers

It makes no sense to target an entire group of people and make an assumption like this. There is no reason why you should not trust tarot readers. You are free to choose a reader you feel comfortable with and if you are choosing one online, read the feedback and reviews so that you know you are making the right choice. Always trust your intuition and you will know you have found the right person.

  1. Reversed cards are bad

This is an unfounded superstition. There are 78 cards and every card has an obvious and clear meaning. Every card can be enlightening and when you ignore a reverse card, you deny yourself of a complete reading. If you think reversed cards are bad, you need to extend your knowledge by undertaking extra research and learning about the significance of the card. They are as positive as any other card.

The most common tarot card myths are debunked here and hope it helps you in your next reading.

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