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How to Dress Properly for the Gym

How to Dress Properly for the Gym

The last thing you need during your workout is to feel uncomfortable in the clothes you’re wearing. While guys usually care less about their gear, most women do know that clothes matter almost as much as the effort they put in the gym.

Regardless of what your preferences are, let’s go through a short summary of how to make the right choices when it comes to gym clothes.

If you want, play with random combinations

Randomness is fine as long as you know the limits.

Sometimes you simply don’t want to pay too much attention to what’s inside your backpack, and that’s perfectly fine. The main advantage of the random choices is that you can pair pieces of clothes that you wouldn’t normally wear outside. However, bear in mind that randomness and carelessness aren’t the same, so make sure to look decent and clean.

Look confident and attractive

In order to look really good, you should pick pieces that match well.

If your closet lacks the proper pieces of clothes, the first thing you should do is look for athletic clothing that fits you best (leggings, sports bras, tank tops, etc.)

For example, you can pair a monochrome sleeveless T-shirt with nice, printed leggings.

Pay more attention to the accessories

When it comes to accessories, everything from towels and protein shaker bottles to headphones and watches can refine your look if you just spend a few minutes a day planning your outfit.

You should wash your shaker bottle regularly and wear a waterproof watch. Also, take a towel in a color that matches the rest of your outfit.

Play with the details.

Choose sweat-blocking materials

Pay attention to the materials! You really don’t want to walk around the gym wearing a smelly t-shirt. That’s why you should always ask a salesperson to show you clothes that are made of sweat-blocking materials.

Don’t wear oversized clothes

It might surprise you, but if you look around you, you’ll notice that for some reason, many people really like to wear baggy t-shirts and shorts. However, that’s really not a good idea!

The probable reason behind their love for baggy clothes is the human need to hide those parts of the body that we aren’t proud of. Nonetheless, exercise physiologists claim that oversized apparel can actually be very revealing, especially during activities like yoga or Pilates. Not to mention that you can fall and hurt yourself if you’re wearing oversized pants for example.

Don’t wear apparel that is too tight

Similarly, you should avoid wearing clothes that are too tight, primarily because you will not feel relaxed and comfortable.

Furthermore, apparel that is too small for you can affect your motion, thus weaken the quality of your workout.

Finally, don’t forget that your skin needs to breathe during the workout too.

Wear gym shoes, not slippers

Speaking of footwear, for the sake of everyone around you, please don’t wear flip-flops or slippers. Not only will you make the people who exercise next to you feel extremely uncomfortable, but you can also sustain an injury if one of the slippers slips off.

Looking good in the gym will definitely boost your self-esteem. However, bear in mind that you are not prepping only for the sake of looks, but also because it’s quite important to choose apparel that supports your workout.

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