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It’s A Soul Thing: 7 Ways To Find Contentment

It’s A Soul Thing: 7 Ways To Find Contentment

Happiness. It’s such a small word that has such a vast meaning. What one person draws joy from, another wouldn’t be able to, and so happiness is the one thing that we all share but in different ways. Life is stressful; no matter which way you look at it, life is a big ball of stress. You can take the stress and drown in the pressure of it, or you can pinpoint little measures of happiness throughout it all. For example; when you are working seven days a week, and you are so tired you can barely brush your hair, you take a moment to look at the face of your child who has the new birthday present you could FINALLY afford because of all that hard work. It’s the pinpricks of happiness like this one that spurs us on to keep going until that next pinprick of joy. Finding it? Not as easy as that.

If we take a moment to consider what it is in life that makes us feel content and warm, we may find that we know what happiness is but that we can’t quite reach it. So, finding contentment is more than just a priority in life – it’s good for your soul. There are plenty of ways to find that contentment, bring that happiness to your life and learn how to find some joy, and we’ve got seven ways for you to feel just that.

Remove The Serious

How often does life stress – namely being an adult – get in the way of the happy moments? It’s time to take yourself less seriously and accept yourself as lighter and freer. When you refuse to take yourself too seriously, you allow happiness to shine in and stress to leave the room. There is no room for stress in your mind because happiness has a seat instead.

Learn Something Wholesome

Have you ever wanted to learn how to do Yoga? Ever wanted to get into aromatherapy and massage as a business and step away from the city? These are both things that can bring contentment to your soul, you can read as many books on yoga and thumb a guide to massage tables as much as you like, but until you take a step and do a class, get a qualification and DO it, you’re going to feel stuck. Stop wishing, right now, and be a little impulsive. Take the class. Get qualified as a therapist and be someone you want to be. Once you expand your knowledge, your soul follows.

You’re More Than You Think

When life hands you a sour lemon of illness, job loss, home loss, bankruptcy, etc., you can quickly identify as the thing that upset you the most. You identify as the sick person, the broke person, the dying person. But you’re so much more than all of those things! You’re the person who learned a new skill. You’re the parent who loves their child. Listen to who you are without all the negative labels, and you’ll begin to feel balanced and light.

Imperfect? Who Isn’t?

Every single person out there is imperfect. Not everyone knows how to draw or sing or even read. We all have things we pick at about, and those little imperfections are what makes each of us perfect. You are your own version of perfect and the faster you embrace that, the happier you will be. Accept who you are without all of the self-rejection; you’re so much more than the negative things you can list about yourself. You’re a one-time offer, and you should buy up as much as you can.

Be Your Own Friend

You can pour out advice to every person you know, but unless you talk to yourself and advise yourself occasionally, you’re going to be your worst enemy. Being kind to yourself isn’t just a short sentence on a house quotes list. It’s precisely what you should be doing to ensure that you feel happy with yourself and feel secure with who you are. Liking yourself and being your own friend brings your soul some stability – and you deserve that.

Feel It All

Have you ever put yourself down? Squashed emotions about yourself or situations around you? Do you feel anxious about your new therapy course that you are going to take to expand your skills? Feel it. Feel the good and feel the bad. You should always take steps to honour how you feel so that you can identify your emotions and remain centred through them all.

Forgive Yourself

You may hand finally understood what happiness is, but that doesn’t mean you don’t beat yourself up about all the years that you hated yourself for it. You don’t need to hate yourself anymore. Any of those past anger and upset feelings that you once felt about yourself are precisely where they should be  – in the past. Taking the time to repair your relationship with yourself can help you to feel good, and you can take all of those emotions and embrace them. Once you have done that, you can feel content.

lady in the mirror contentment

Your soul needs to be peaceful, calm and logical about life. Life gets messy and stressful and all of the things that you do day to day are going to contribute to your happiness. So quit the job you hate for a job you could love. Don’t wait to start a family if you’re waiting around for the best time. Don’t wait to go on the course that’s going to put you onto the path that you always dreamed of being on. Take a moment, breathe in the new you and embrace every facet of life in all its glory. Contentment? Well, that’s just the natural consequence that you were looking for all along.

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