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5 Steps for Better Creativity

5 Steps for Better Creativity

Most of us try to live our lives surrounded with fascination and wonder.  We use our imagination to create possibilities and allow our creativity to lead us closer to success. We want to be in control of our lives and take action of what we need and want to do. We are not content in waiting for things to happen.

On the other hand, there are people who think that creativity is only a natural ability and requires a combination of genuine interest and initiative. But, this isn’t true. With deliberate practice, everyone can master skills to cultivate creativity and to fuel imagination.

I understand that nobody wants to live like a copy machine –follow what used to work and then repeat the process.  Creativity isn’t a personal trait that only certain people possess. We can choose to be creative if we have the desire to do so.

Passion is born when learning transpires and skills accelerate. Some describe this as a “creator configuration” switch to turn on. Below are some steps I found helpful to enhance your creativity and to power it up.

  1. Exercise to enhance your reflexes and mental process, which gets to improve your ability to think creatively.
    Read the studies that show why:
  2. Make sure to have a good lighting to see a clear picture of your work. As a result, it will also improve your creative performance.
    Read the studies that shows why:
  3. Try to play music with an ambient noise level. It is said to work best for creativity.
    Here’s another reason why:
  4. They said that the colours blue and green can improve your performance on creative tasks.
    Read more from this article
  5. Taking a course on a particular expertise is the best turning point to develop or refine your skill, to level up, and to achieve the most out of you. You can find the nearest university to get enroll from or if you want to get higher learning online.

To conclude, let your creativity out to play.  I myself find it so much more interesting and fulfilling to excel with the things that I love to do and create. To keep on reading is one of the best ways to continue learning. I am pretty sure that I will never resign to learning and, besides, no one is too old to learn.

So whether you are into creating stuffs or writing new ideas for your blog or project, hopefully, these steps would greatly help boost your most creative self within you.

Looking forward to reading your thoughts!  Let us know in the comments.

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