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Reasons Why Core Strengthening is Crucial (Nothing to do with your Six-Pack)

Reasons Why Core Strengthening is Crucial (Nothing to do with your Six-Pack)

Planks, Russian Twists, crunches, etc. have, for the longest time, been regarded as the essential route to six packs. These are the exercises that could help you attain the perfect crop top or bikini body. But, did you know that the core strengthening exercises are important and the crunches are more than wanting abs?

Understandably, this goes against what you’ve known all this time but hear us out.

Your core is your primary support system

For you to drive to work, walk down the street, sit for hours typing, garden, or tend to your new blueberry cannabis seedlings, you need your core muscles.

Your core muscles represent your core support system, surrounding and supporting your pelvis and spine while also connecting your lower body and your upper body. Those core muscles transfer forces from one part of the body to another.

All that work by the core is possible thanks to the fact that your abs are made of different types of muscles – transverse (for pelvis and spine stabilization), obliques (for lateral flexion), and rectus abdominis (which flex your torso forward).

With all these muscles working in tandem with back and pelvic floor muscles, strengthening your core is essential for good health, breathing, and the right posture.

Defence against injury

When you build your core muscles near your spine, you not only boost your core stability but also reduce your risk of injury.


Most movements start from the center then moves outwards. With a strong core, you work and move around with ease and without any pain.

It’s also important to note that most of the injuries we suffer result from the body trying to compensate using other muscles. And the main cause of lower back injuries is a weak core. You could also injure your hips, shoulders, and knees.

All movements depend on your core strength

The stability of your core (ab muscles) is critical for all body movements, across the different planes – forward and backward (sagittal), rotational (transverse), left and right (frontal).

And your core muscles will fire up before an activity. This firing up comes from the nervous system anticipating the activity and bracing for support in whatever you wish to do. You need a stable and strong core to support the rest of the body.

You cannot eat well, sleep or sit with a weak core.

You need a strong core for all other exercises

Most states have legalized farming and the use of cannabis for medicinal use. If you’re an entrepreneur interested in earning from this industry and if you consider gardening/ farming a form of exercise, then you need first to strengthen your core.

You cannot run, walk, do push-ups, or do squats with a weak core.

The other benefits of a strong core include:

  • Protection of internal organs and the CNS
  • Attaining a confident posture
  • It prevents premature aging
  • You’ll look thinner and taller
  • It boosts mental function and improves your overall performance.

Note, however, that despite these benefits of core exercises, you must know how to use your core correctly. You need to learn to engage your core and also use your core muscles in all workouts. And now that you have a strong core, abs, and a flat tummy, you can wear all those clothes you’ve been dreaming of, look good and feel fabulous.

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