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Sing for Hope Making Large Impact in NYC Schools

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Sing for Hope Making Large Impact in NYC Schools

Sing for Hope has worked with teachers throughout New York City to expose their students to the creativity that awakens within them when they are exposed to music. Students at 50 area schools discovered a new piano awaited them on the first day of classes. The schools were chosen through a competitive request for proposal process coordinated with the New York Department of Education.

How the Pianos Benefit Students

Once in place, the schools are welcome to use the piano in any way benefiting students. Pianos that have been previously donated have encouraged the creation of 153 art programs across the city with the vast majority of them located in lower-income neighborhoods where exposure to the arts may be limited. The program is also responsible for more than 17,000 students getting to participate in general music classes while 6,000 students use the pianos in chorus, band or dance classes. Some schools have even chosen to put on their own school musicals. Over 500 students have taken their first piano lesson on these pianos.

History of Sing for Hope

Opera singers Monica Yunus and Camille Zamora started the program in 2006 as a way to give back to the community. The brightly painted pianos are placed in public venues for two weeks during the summer. Anyone is welcome to play the pianos during their public presentation and many have been credited with bringing diverse groups together. Once the period is done, then the pianos are donated.

How Can You Help?

There are many different ways that you can get involved with the program. One way is to donate piano NYC. If you are an artist, then consider signing up to become one of their artist presents. If you just think this program sounds like an idea you want to be involved with, then consider becoming a program project leader.

With everyone working together, this program will continue to expand. Consider donating a piano today or getting involved in some other way.


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