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Tips on Choosing the Best Set of Tyres for Your Road Trip

Tips on Choosing the Best Set of Tyres for Your Road Trip

A road trip is one of the most exciting adventures you can take. It all starts when you begin searching for the best routes and destinations and ends weeks or even months later, when you finally return home safely. However, in order to make the most of such a trip, you need to be aware that it’s quite different from going on a package holiday. One of the things you really have to look into before you set off is the state your car is in and, more specifically, if the tyres you have can rise to the challenge. To help you prepare your car for your next road trip, we’ve compiled the following list of things to consider.

Do you need new tyres?

You should start by establishing whether you can rely on the existing set of tyres. This is especially important if you’ve never taken a road trip before. Make sure you look for the warning signs of worn-out tyres. Also, if you notice that your car skids and slips, you most probably need to replace the whole set as soon as possible. Next, if your tyres are old or have covered a great mileage, you don’t want to risk the safety of everyone in the car. If you’re not sure about the state of your tyres, you should by all means have them checked by an expert, who will be able to suggest the best course of action.

Choosing the right tyres

To begin with, you should consult the manufacturer’s manual and see what tyres are recommended for your particular make and model. Make sure you get the right size and opt for the best brand you can afford. After all, there is a reason why certain tyres are more expensive. Namely, reputable manufacturers invest a lot of resources in developing new tyres and testing them, so that we can be as safe as possible on the road. Finally, consider the terrain you’re going to visit. For example, investing in quality 4WD tyres is always a shrewd idea if you’re planning on driving along steep mountain roads or on rugged terrains.

Consider the weather and season

If you know what size you need and you have at least shortlisted some models, you need to take into account the weather you can expect on the road. There is a big difference between driving in cold and warm climate and your choice of tyres should reflect it. If you expect to encounter snow and ice on the road, don’t even think about going on your trip without proper tyres, specifically designed for such conditions. Similarly, the road trips taken in the summer require summer tyres, which are much more suitable and safer in hot temperatures.

What else should you do?

Strat by checking your tyre pressure. Just a few pounds of missing air pressure could be costing you money with every revolution of those rims. The tyre differences are known to make up to ten percent difference on your mileage costs, which is actually a lot. Even more importantly, if the tyres are not properly inflated, your safety is jeopardised. Over-inflating your tyres will lead to excessive wear on the centre of your treads and cost you money on their decreased lifespan. Again, in terms of safety, they’ll have a poorer grip on the road, which can be quite dangerous. So, follow the instructions printed on your sidewall and check the tyre pressure every couple of weeks or so.

Spare tyre

No trip should be taken without a healthy spare tyre. Just imagine being somewhere far away from the nearest garage with a flat tyre! Unless your spare one is ready to take its place, you won’t get very far. That’s why you should regularly check the state your spare tyre is in.

These are the most practical and important tips related to choosing the best set of tyres for your road trip. You need to follow them if you wish to be as safe and efficient as possible and prevent some tyre-related problems from spoiling your great adventure.

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