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3 Driving Tips That Will Help You Avoid Dangerous Accidents

3 Driving Tips That Will Help You Avoid Dangerous Accidents

Too many people end up in horrible car accidents these days. What good is it when you take steps to look after your health if you can end up seriously hurt just by getting behind the wheel of your car? Now, a lot of accidents can’t be prevented as they’re just fluke accidents that no one saw coming. However, there are definitely ways you can reduce your chances of ending up hurt if you alter your driving habits.

So, here are some driving tips that will help you avoid dangerous accidents:

If In Doubt, Don’t Risk It

We’ve all been in situations where we’re waiting to take a turning and can see some oncoming traffic but can’t decide if the approaching vehicle is moving slow enough for us to turn safely. Sometimes, we take a risk and pull out quickly. A lot of the time, it works fine, and no-one ends up hurt. But, this is often thanks to the oncoming driver being aware of your risky move and slowing down their pace. What if they weren’t paying close attention? Then you’d end up in a serious accident that injures you and any passengers in your car. As a general rule; if in doubt, don’t! Don’t take a risk, just wait an extra couple of seconds until the coast is clear.

Be Wary When Behind Trucks

If you’re ever stuck behind a large truck, then you need to take a very cautious approach to driving. Keep your distance, so you avoid ending up too close to them as this puts you in their blind spot. If you visit here, you’ll learn all about blind spot accidents and how brutal they can be. All you have to do is ensure the driver of the truck can always see you, and the best way to do that is by keeping your distance and overtaking if your path is clear and there’s plenty of straight road to do so. A simple tip, but it potentially saves lives.

Put Your Phone On Silent (Apart From Calls)

Your phone can be a massive distraction in your car. Just the sight of it can be enough to steal your attention and cause an accident. But, it’s worse when you’re getting text alerts or notifications all the time. The sound of an alert attracts your attention, taking your eyes off the road for a split second. All it takes is a couple of seconds for you to look at your phone and boom, something bad can happen. This is before we talk about actually picking up your phone to respond! In my eyes, you should put your phone on silent, so you don’t hear any alerts other than incoming calls. Then, stick your phone where you can’t see it. If something important is happening and someone needs you, then they’ll call and you will hear the ringtone and can pull over to answer it.

These three tips can help you avoid accidents that put your health – and bank balance – in danger. All you have to do is be a little bit smarter, and your life will be a whole lot safer.

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