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How to Organize a Perfect Business Trip to Sydney

How to Organize a Perfect Business Trip to Sydney

Sydney is a vibrant city that attracts all types of visitors to Australia each year. From leisure travelers to active holiday enthusiast, millions of people come here to enjoy diverse and rich culture. It’s no wonder that this is one of the best places in the world to go on a business trip.

Famous for welcoming locals, great weather and amazing food, Sydney is the place where you can meet people and conduct business while having a  great time. It offers a myriad of locations for sightseeing, from botanical garden to numerous museums that will be perfect to spend your free time and relax. So, here is advice on how to organize a perfect business trip in Sydney and bring back wonderful memories.

1.     Have your visa in order

All visitors who are not Australian citizens must have a visa to enter the country with the exception of New Zealand travelers who have issued the visa upon arrival. You will have to apply for a visa at the Australian Embassy or Consulate and make sure you do it on time since sometimes it can be quite a wait. Business visa is available for people who are traveling to the country to stay for a short period.

Sometimes, the visa may be issued for a period of five years and you can stay for up to three months. Make sure you have all the documents necessary and to cover all the fees so you don’t prolong the process especially if you need to be in Australia on certain dates.

2.     Transport from the airport

Unless you have a driver waiting for you at the airport, you will have to use one of the available means of transportation. However, don’t let this scare you off since Sydney has a well-organized infrastructure and you will easily learn your way without getting lost. The most comfortable option may be a taxi with vehicles available at both airport terminals.

Trains and buses regularly travel from the airport to the city every day from 5 am to midnight. T8 Airport South Line will take you from the train station, while you will have to catch 400, 420 or 420N from the bus station. To ride a train or bus you will need an Opal card or Opal single ticket, but you can also pay with a contactless payment card. 

3.     Places to meet business people

Central Business District is the hub of Sydney’s business world where you will find the biggest companies, start-ups and small firms. However, while you will probably have meetings there, it’s also wise to attend some networking events which Sydney knows to host. Depending on your industry, you will be able to find all sorts of events here from medical conferences to investment programs. 

4.     Go on sightseeing tours

When in Sydney, you simply must visit some of its landmarks and get to know the city and its culture better. Start by taking one of the available tours of the city that will give you clear ideas on what to see and help you with orientation. I’m Free Tour is led by a local guide, but since it’s a walking tour you will get to see only the downtown Sydney sights. The Tour starts from the Town Hall Square at 10:30 am and 2:30 pm, lasts for three hours and is free.

The city also has many bus tours like Bondi Hop-on Hop-off Tour and you will see all the famous landmarks of the city, like Sydney Opera House, Bondi Beach, Harbor Bridge, and many others. The audio is pre-recorded and you will have an opportunity to hop-off at any of the 34 stops to do some sightseeing. You can go on a tour of Opera House, have a stroll in the Wendy’s Secret Garden or visit the tallest building in the city Sydney Tower Eye & Skywalk from where you will have an amazing view on everything.

5.     Where to stay

You won’t have any problem finding perfect Sydney corporate accommodation since the city has a rich offer of hotels and suits. However, since this is a busy city, make sure to make reservations on time so you can get the one you want. Also, look for the accommodation which is near the place where you will have business meetings or be otherwise engaged. That way you will have more time to explore Sydney and not waste any time on commuting back to the room to change into something more comfortable.

6.     Things to do and see

A trip to Australia must include meeting some of its majestic wildlife and Sydney has wonderful zoos and parks you can do that. Besides, Wildlife Sydney Zoo and Symbio Wildlife Park, Featherdale Wildlife Park should also be on your list of places to see. Here you will be able to get close to the animals and even touch and pet koala and kangaroo.

But there is also another thing you must try in Australia and that is surfing and the most famous spot to try this watersport is Bondi Beach. Here you will also find Bondi Iceberg Club with an ocean pool with an amazing bistro upstairs where you can even have a casual business meeting. Another great beach to spend time swimming and relaxing from business meetings is Manly Beach where you can also grab lunch at one of the many restaurants.    


Organize a perfect business trip to Sydney that will allow you to conduct business and also meet all the best sides of this popular Australian destination. Sydney is no stranger to the business world, so you will easily find a way to balance your workload by exploring the sights, cuisine, and culture. 

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