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YouTube Premium is set debut 50 original shows in 2019

YouTube Premium is set debut 50 original shows in 2019

YouTube Premium recently announced that they are all set to release 50 new shows in the year 2019. This was shared by the company’s EMEA head of original series, Luke Hyams, during the Edinburgh TV Festival recently.

Hyams worked as an executive at Disney before leaving it for YouTube. He shared his ideas and plans regarding taking a step further while producing YouTube original series. He shared this information in front of an audience filled with many established TV directors and potential producers.

He said that YouTube already has released around 65 shows and movies since it came into being and they all did exceptionally well among the public. This is the main reason why he wants to experiment more with this genre and release 50 new show in the coming year.

He shared few details about some of the upcoming shows and said that it includes a sci-fi series known as “Origin” which is made by the producers of Netflix’s “The Crown”. Furthermore, the list also had a dark comedy named “On becoming God in Central Florida” which is said to be a documentary narrated by Will Smith and Robert Downey Jr. regarding artificial intelligence.

He also discussed about the subjects they are fishing for in general.

He said they are majorly focusing on personality driven and properly authored scripts which can attractive international audiences. He told them they are also catching after some half hours comedy scripts which would be different than traditional sitcoms.

And for the documentary and the unscripted features they are more inclining towards the stuff which would have a big social impact and would be entertaining at the same time.

With so many changes around them and the shift which has been seen in the recent times with respect to the audience’s demand of what he want to see on TV, this could be a game changer in the entertainment industry.

Only time will tell how successful in this would be for YouTube and other new rising mediums of the sort. But we are really excited to see what the future has in store for them and how are they deciding to match or possibly beat the big fishes of the entertainment industry such as Netflix.

We can only wait to see what this new venture turns out to be. But we can be sure of one thing that 2019 is going to be the year of many quality contents.